Book Review: The Distance by Saborna RoyChowdury


I was asked to attend a book launch for this book from my dear friend Amodini (  One of the attending authors was Saborna RoyChowdury.  I decided to read the book just because I feel empty attending book events without understanding the author’s intent.  I feel more connected to my enviornment.  So when I downloaded the kindle edition, I had no expectations.  I was impressed!!  The book is one easy read.  Very simplistic language, very conversational and definetely not a classic.  It is very simple read.

The Distance delivers an account of Mini’s journey from Calcutta to Vancover, Canada.  It accounts her change in perspective and her inner conflict as she adjusts herself to her new life in Canada.  The tale has a very different ending so keep on reading.  I did lose a little bit of interest towards the middle as Mini goes into this depressive, boring phase in her life.  The book did get a little repetetive then.  The Distance has multiple context in this book.   Mini is in love with Amitav who happens to have a selfish personality and gets Mini in various dangerous revolutionary acts that makes her get out of this relationship and move into an arranged marriage.  However, Mini seems to be one of a kind who probably will never be satisfied with her life.  She seems a little confused.

A book with a stronger theme would have carried more essence but for a debut novel, this is not bad at all.  The Characters are quite strongly potrayed which makes the story very readable.  All in all, a 3.5!



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