Book Review: Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood by Varsha Bajaj


Very interesting debut novel by Varsha Bajaj.  The story revolves around a young girl Abby who is biracial.  Her mom is a Caucasian and her dad (whom she has never met)  is of Indian origin.  Even though, she is raised in a very loving family by her mom and her grandparents, she longs to know her roots.  She seems to have carried a stronger Indian gene with her looks and her allergies.  The book is interesting as it weaves the story of why Abby goes to Bollywood and her journey henceforth.  

I would definetely recommend this book to any girl of age group 12 and older as the book does discuss abandonment by a parent which I would find quite stressful for my 10 year old to deal with.  The story is well written and the characters are intricately weaved.  This could be the story of any typical American child who is probably adopted from another country and finds a disconnect with their parents. 




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