Book Review: Little Face by Sophie Hannah


This book is among the first in the series of Simon-Charlie crime solving mystery books.  The writing definetely held my interest and I couldnt put the book down once I started it.  The story is a suspense novel that deals with a new mom, Alice who leaves her home to go to the spa only to return home to a baby that did not belong to her.  The story starts weaving from this incident on with the police Simon and Charlie trying to solve the case.  Cruel intent and a confusing aspect from the various characters, the mother-in-law and Alice’s husband keeps the book alive.  Personally, I connected with Alice.  If you are a mom, you will symphatize with her and try to find out what happens to her and her baby, especially as she disappers towards the middle of the book! The story was a very refreshing read with the suspense building with every page.  .  

An interesting read.  Her choice of words are so appropriate and she is an amazing writer. A 4.0 from me!!


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