Book Review: The 228 Legacy by Jennifer Chow


Fascinating journey of 3 generation of women with a Taiwanese background. The book throws a brief history of the differences between the Taiwanese and mainland China from a perspective of a Taiwanese. Silk is a very strong personality woman who is a first generation immigrant who has raised her daughter Lisa in America. Abbey is Silk’s grandaughter who tries to fit in the mold of an American soceity. A very fast read and a rich cultural experience.

The main drawback – dealing with multiple subjects in one single book.  For instance, the book deals with subjects such child molestation, racial issues, immigrant issues all packaged in one.  Instead,  I wish Jennifer Chow could have just addressed the massacre that happened in Taiwan in detail. It is however a fleeting information. I was expecting more details on Silk’s husband Lu and how he got involed in the movement.  Silk, the grandmother is such a strong interesting character and it gave me perspective on some behavior norms (I have noticed) of Asian immigrant population from Taiwan.

In all fairness, Ms. Chow has done an excellent job in her debut novel. Looking forward to more.


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