Book Review: The Convent of Little Flowers by Indu Sudersan


The Convent of Little Flowers is a collection of short stories that addresses various themes that are controversial and were/are prevelant in the Indian soceity; hushed under the carpet not to be discussed outside closed doors.  Some of them are probably more rural population based but such norms probably do exist.

The writing was a little disoriented and a little hard to understand.  For instance:  In one of the story, there was a instance where the character mentions that she doesnt remember much of where she lived and a few sentences later, the character vividly describes her childhood or weather then.  There is use of many Indian coloquial words that even though I am an Indian national, I found it confusing.  The topics were very strong which kept my interest alive.  Mega and Chandar’s story was probably the most moving.  Topics of discussion included adoption, parental abuse, sati, obsessive love etc..  A great book for book discussion among South Asian Indians or other people interested in discussion of norms or customs prevelant in India.

The stories are weaved with very strong character potrayal but personally I am not a fan of short stories.  So this book did not hold my interest.  A 3.2-3.5 would do justice!


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