Book Review: A Breath of Fresh Air by Amulya Malladi


This is a heartwarming story.  Amulya brings something of Indian culture that is still frowned upon to the forefront, and that is divorce.  The Story is peeled like layers of onions and with every peel you will feel the emotions of the characters and literally and figurelatively will bring forth your emotions.

Main character, Anjali, divorces her husband. Her own parents hold it against her that she is divorced.  Anjali eventually remarries.  She has a son, a son that has a life-threatening illness stemming from an unfortunate catastrophe which occurred while Anjali was still married to her first husband. Somehow she manages through life as her new husband is a wonderful, caring individual and they devote their lives to caring for their ill son.

After several years, when Anjali runs into her ex-husband, her life goes into more turmoil. She begins reliving the days of her life with her first husband and the tragedies which led to their marriage’s demise. Anger fuels toward him for the sickness her son has, something the man learns and suffers guilt over, too.

This book focuses primarily on Anjali’s struggle to reconcile with the roles she carries as wife and ex-wife. Another very interesting and cleverly done thing with this book is that every few chapters, the author presents the continuation of the story from the insight and words of the various characters in the book, so that the reader is able to actually see and feel what’s going on within each character, and not just bases what they’re thinking and feeling by what other characters say. I liked that very much. This brought deeper meaning to the story and a better understanding of each character.

Beautiful book that brings tears to your eyes….


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