Book Review: The Mango Season by Amulya Maladi


This book was a good read.  The recipes along the book are so nicely thrown in with the theme that it makes this a very interesting homely read.

Priya is a native of India and moved to the United States when she was twenty. During her seven years in the States, she fell in love with an American. She returns home, during the mango season, to inform her very traditional family that the man she loves and is going to marry is not Indian. Priya approaches various landmines as a strong-willed daughter can: sometimes she walks around them, sometimes she steps on them full-force. Like most of us who are daughters, she learns that some things in the family will never change, but we can sometimes voice our opinions in opposition and be heard, even if the opinion is not accepted. Priya discovers more about her family, love, and support  and that they don’t always come in the expected form. The book has a nice surprise waiting at the end that makes this an enjoyable one time read.


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