Book Review: Looking For Me by Beth Hoffman


The book started off beautifully depicting Teddi’s passion for reburshing old furnitures, her family and her overtures in her life.  Teddi Overman is a typical southern girl born in Kentucky and has a gift.  She found her calling in a dump with an old chair.  The story reels around the main character, Teddi as she is searching for answers about her parents’ history and the impact of their lives on her and her brother’s upbringing, and for closure/resolution regarding her brother’s disappearance.   Teddi has her share of worries but it seems too Bollywood to me that there is always some sort of a happy solution she finds to every problem. In the end the girl from Kentucky meets a fairy-tale ending, she buys a nice house in Charleston, and she finds love with a man.  There is no climax, there is no surprise ending, there are no stories to tell!Seems a little unrealistic that happiness seems to be found in a house and a man. 

I found this book a very easy pleasant book, but not the sort of story that really stays with you or that you recommend to your friends as something they simply have to read.  In my case, I consider this a very boring read, a book never to be discussed again or be introspective about.  Well written and thats it!


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