Audiobook Review: Dispatches from the Edge by Anderson Cooper

A beautiful introspective book by Anderson Cooper. The audiobook is fanstastic! Anderson Cooper speaks with such clarity and diction and charisma that you can connect to him via this book. The book is an introspective read on his life, his dispatches and his world.

I picked this book while browsing through the cataloges for audio book in the library. And I finished the entire audiobook in 2 days straight. Amazing hearing! The book is filled with lines like in one of his dispatches he says that there is so much pain on the outside that it almost matches with the pain I am going through. Another amazing sentence that stuck with me was “Sometimes I wonder if I’m the person I was born to be, if the life I’ve lived really is the one I was meant to”. Cooper’s book “Dispatches from the Edge” could have simply been a recounting of the various places he’s reported from over the years, and it still would have been a must read, but Cooper, in a meta moment, realizes that where he has been and what he has seen and what he has done might never have happened but for the things that happened to him as a child and young man. The death of his father, the suicide of his brother shaped his path.

This book is so intricately woven that you can almost live his life, feel his pain, and also understand him as a human being not just a fancy face of the rich we see on the television.


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