Audio Book Review: The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream by Obama, Barack


The Audacity of Hope is truly fascinating book!! This is the first audiobook I listened to.  Barack Obama speaks his book with an amazing diction and poise that I felt he spoke it live.  So thats what made this book doubly fascinating for me.  It gives deeper and clearer understanding of our current state of Politics. Barack Obama does a very good job of using personal examples from his life and the lives of those he is close to and using them to highlight key issues which face many Americans. In this book, President Obama, being a senator from the democratic party, tries to respect and shows his empathy towards other Republican counterparts or tries to justify their position from an independent ground – showing that to achieve the goal of prosperity, one needs to work as a Uniter rather than divider.

The best chapter of the book, chapter nine, “Family”, focuses on family issues, and features stories both from Obama’s childhood as well as the issues facing his family with Michelle and their two girls Malia and Sasha. He relates his issues with those facing most families, i.e. education, budget, time, and once again looks for areas of common ground on which to build. Many of these issues were touched upon in other areas of the book, as there is a tremendous amount of overlap between family, faith, and the other areas.

The book highlights how an ordinary man with a vision tries to resolve “common” man issues.  An amazing visionary thinker and a dedicated person who has spent his life really trying hard to believe in betterment of common people.  After I read this book, I had immense respect for the President. Kudos to him as tries to resolve “common man” problems on national stage.

This is truly a great book to read – however I would recommend getting the Audio Book unless you are a serious political junkie. Giving Four stars just because it can sometimes be very slow general people when he goes for detail discussion around an issue.


Book Review: Cheating Death by Dr. Sanjay Gupta


You will be surprised where I found this book!! While on my trip to the store to organize my daughters birthday party, I zipped by the dollar store to pick some gift bags.  There in the bottom isle, I saw this book.  Dr.  Sanjay Gupta with his star appearances in CNN is a household name.  So for a dollar for this hardbound book, how bad could it be!! So I picked it up without a second thought.

Amazing find is one world I can summarize this book.  I have always been fascinated with the medical field.  The integration of engineering with medicine – the biomedical engineering has always perplexed me with the translation of numbers or data from my body to a meaning to the doctors.  Another article on that will do justice.

Now getting back to the book – Sanjay Gupta discusses advances in medical field where death has no longer a meaning.  Being a avid believer of the big bang theory myself, it makes so much sense.  He talks about advances in medicine especially neurology that allows bodies to frozen to sub zero temperature to save the human body.  The book talks about the findings along its way.  The first mistakes they made and subsequent findings.  All of this in simple language.  No medical words that throw you off.  He makes you walk a doctor’s life, their debugging methodology and their subsequent conclusions.

A very good non-fiction book.  A must read!